Kogel Bearings was founded in 2014 and has quickly gained a reputation for high quality, durable bottom brackets and bearings. By focusing on refining every aspect of their product, Kogel Bearings compenents offer unmatched performance and a hassle free service life. Now the choice of the United Health Care Pro Cycling Team, the Maxxis Shimano CX Team and numerous pros and privateers, Kogel Bearings are available in Australia from Lead Out Sports. See your local dealer or browse our web store here.


Find out more about the Kogel advantage.

kogel bearings features and benefits


Every Kogel bottom bracket is designed with a specific crank and frame combination in mind. No adaptors, shims or sleeves!


Most manufacturers cater to the most common standards, and use a range of washers, shims and sleeves to fit all manner of cranks into a standardised BB. This can offer some convenience and save money, but it's not a great solution for the major carrier of torque on a bike! All those extra parts invite creaking and clicking, and load the bearings unevenly too. This leads to early failure precceded by noise and frustrating time with your bike in the shop, and negates any initial cost savings.


If you are a bicycle retailer a Kogel bottom bracket is a sound choice. Every possible frame and crank combo is catered for, and your customers can enjoy the bliss of a silent bike that doesn't need to have the bottom bracket serviced every month and is backed with a killer warranty.


The Press Fit age has brought about the disposeable bottom bracket and expectation of issues.


This is driven by poor fitmment between the frame and cup due to variable tollerances in both components. This leads to creaks and groans, and inevitabley causing the bearings to fail too. 


All Kogel cups are made to industry leading tollerances to ensure the best fit, and all have been designed to provide the biggest contact area possbile between the cup and frame and prevent bearing compression.


Kogel is so confident in the fit of their cups that these can be installed with grease only. NO LOCTITE! They won't creak, and you can easily remove them without damaging your frame.




Let's get this straight: a Kogel bottom bracket isn't 'cheap' in laymans terms. However you should expect great value for your hard earned cash; your Kogel should last a long time. 


For the first year your bottom bracket is covered by our Very Few Questions Asked warranty. You won't need to have your solicitor present your warranty claim. Sure, crushed bearings and bottom brackets used in underwater bikes will be excluded, but do the right thing with your bike and bottom bracket and know that Kogel has your back if something goes a little wrong.


At the end of year one you can have your warranty extended for another year simply by having a professional bicycle mechanic replace your bearing grease and seals. Pretty good!!


Kogel understands the principle of bearing balance in bearing materials. 


Kogel utilizes Silicon Nitride for the ceramic balls because the material is extremely hard, wear resistant, and can be manufactured into near-perfect round balls with extremely tight tolerances. The Kogel races are made out of hardened steel and are polished to a mirror finish, making a perfect match with the hardness of the ceramic balls.


These properties result in lower friction and longer service life when compared to steel bearings.


Kogel then offers two seal options, a 'Road' seal with the lowest possbile resistance and a 'CX' seal with extremely low resistance and enviable sealing qualiities for maximum durability.

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