The NEW Mutherload MAGNUM takes all of the original feautres and benefits of the Mutherload and upsizes them by 50%. Employing a 1.5 inch wide band (instead of 1 inch) provides even better hold on your load, for carring heavier gear or for riders that simply deamand the most stable and secure strap known to mankind.


The MAGNUM maximizes all the benefits of our dual-shockcord retention system with the versatility and adjustability to mount what you want, where you want it, anywhere on your frame. This strap will flat out stick like "poo to shoe" over the most demanding XC/Enduro race courses and trails anywhere. 

To Load: Simply center the tube on the grip-strip and pull the dual shockcords up and over the ends of the tube to lock it down...flip it over and slide in your choice of inflation, multi-tool or levers. 

To Mount: Frame your bundle where you want it with the tube and shock cords facing the frame. Feed the slack end through the contoured loop and reef.

Sized to fit a standard 26", 27.5" or 29" tube by itself or with 1-2 16g cartridges, 1-2 20g cartridges, 1-2 25g cartridges, multi-tool, mini pump, levers or whatever combo you want. 


  • Quickly and easily mounts anywhere on your frame
  • Adjusts to accommodate frames as small as 4" in circumference (think steel frame) all the way up to a 9" circumference carbon frame
  • 1.5" width grips like a monkey
  • Unique design maximizes grip quotient to keep your precious cargo from hula hooping
  • No more juggling, rubber bands or one handed cinching. Our proprietary dual shockcord preload-strap keeps your tubes, levers, inflation and more tightly bound to keep your goodies from falling on the ground during installation
  • Heavy duty Bartacks used on all shockcord stress points 
  • Intuitive on/off design 
  • Picker free and won't snag shorts 
  • Sewn with #92 industrial UV and rot resistant bonded polyester thread 
  • Clean up is easy, hose off or throw in the wash 
  • Built in Bozeman, MT USA


  • Here's the lowdown on how to load your Backcountry Research strap from world famous on the internet Rich Dillen, AKA Team Dicky


    Watch the video

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