The Right Arm Repair Clamp is handmade in the USA at our Portland, Oregon factory. It’s made of the finest materials and available in the signature EVT red so your customers know your shop is EVT-equipped. The Right Arm Repair Clamp is the ultimate bicycle repair clamp solution. It will allow you to gently clamp any size seatpost made of any material with precise pressure control. The Right Arm is ergonomically superior with an offset design that allows for a much easier balanced rotation of the bicycle. You’ll spend less time wrangling the bike into the stand and more time making progress on the repairs to be completed - with only 2” of exposed seatpost required, the instances of having to raise the seatpost to clamp it are greatly reduced. It’s time to upgrade to a Right Arm!


  • The only seatpost-specific bicycle repair clamp made.

  • Enables faster repair turnarounds.

  • Unique clamp grips round or aero posts up to 110mm wide with precise pressure control. 2” jaw height only requires 2” of exposed seatpost.

  • Clamp is durable and rigid. Balanced rotation with the Right Arm reduces interference when positioning the bike.

  • Design doesn’t have hazardous sharp edges.

  • Fits stands with the Park “Lock Block System” mechanism.

  • Each clamp is carefully handmade in the U.S.

  • Nothing is faster, more versatile, more durable, or nicer to the bike.


Previously, standard bike repair clamps were four inches high with a contact radius designed for frame tubes. This design meant mechanics raised seatposts and “shimmed” the clamp faces with rags, which isn’t ideal. After 25 years and countless hours wasted with standard bicycle repair clamps, Brett Flemming developed the Right Arm, a unique repair clamp that only requires 2″ of exposed seatpost for use. The offset design gives mechanics balanced rotation for less effort and a more compact work area. The Right Arm also enables multiple height options and the clamp’s leather pads improve gripping power. 3 moving parts with ultra-precise tolerances for super-low maintenance.


Save time on every single repair. Save electrical tape. Never risk stripped fasteners, crooked saddle alignment, height errors, or concerned clients again. Forget adapters like add-on top tubes or clamps to clamp in your clamp. Securely grips seatposts up to 110mm wide. Leather padded jaws grip all posts firmly and precisely. Show your customers you care about their beloved bicycles and their fit as much as they do, all while making your turnaround measurably faster on every repair. 


Conservative return on investment calculations show one Right Arm clamp saves a busy service department about 10 minutes per day per workstand, which translates to more than 60 hours per year. EVT customers often find the Right Arm pays for itself in well under a year and is built to last.


Replacement leather/epoxy kits are available on our website for purchase. The Right Arm’s new Nylatron bearings reduce the chance of crushing posts with excessive applications of force. Steel bearings are still available for older clamps.




Fits Park’s ubiquitous cylindrical-interface repair stand sockets (Does not fit Park portable stands with the “Tapered Donut” interface). Must have the “Lock Block System” style mechanism. Tolerances on Park’s product not guaranteed to be consistent but ours is. Fits current Park Stands: PRS 4.2-1, PRS 4.2-2, PRS 4W-1, PRS 4W-2, PRS 2.2-1, PRS 2.2-2, PRS 3.2-1, PRS 3.2-2 and previous generation stands with the Lock Block System. Not Compatible with PRS-6, PRS-7, and PRS-8 stands made before 6/96 - these have a groove in cylinder of the clamp and a corresponding key in the lock blocks.


Reduced Liability Exposure:


Seatposts rarely need to be raised in order to clamp bikes
Lowers rate of incorrectly re-positioned or re-torqued saddles
Eliminates damage to frame tubes and finishes
Reduces thread failure on seat clamps
Damage to saddle and falling-off potential eliminated


Time Saved:


Saves around an hour a week while working better
Pays for itself in well under a year
Only 3 moving parts for very low maintenance
Fits every seatpost in the industry, no adapters needed




Raises working height of bike reducing fatigue and back pain
Offset design allows bike to swing in a smaller circle





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